IP Based Nurse Call System

Control Display Unit : The NCS eradicates the frustration of patients to call the nurses. NCS enables even small hospitals and nursing homes to have dedicated system to call nurses. NCS is economical for hospitals and nursing homes. The system eases the management of patient related services like medicines and emergency calls

Bed Unit & Handset : The Bed Unit is located near the patient bed. The unit has (CALL, RESET) buttons and female socket to attach the Handset. The Bed Unit has battery for wireless models.

Door Unit : The door unit indicates the patient call in the corridor. The red color of unit indicates patient call and blue color indicates the call is reset.

IP Based Software : IP Based Software is an online Nurse Call System, using which you can see the calling report online, by login to your registered account with our nurse call system online portal. IP based Nurse Call System is the revolutionary concept in today’s hi tech medical field.

Toilet Pull Cord : The NCS has toilet pull cord in toilets of hospital for emergency situations like heart attack of patients in a hospital